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Pure Propolis Extract from Stingless Bees

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Stingless bees create more than just honey. They also excrete a superfood called propolis. This makes their hive more defensible and serves as medicine against diseases and parasites that could enter the hive, inhibiting fungal and bacterial growth from inside the hive. Now, it has been collected and bottled up into the Milea Bee Propolis Extract.

Stingless bee Propolis has high anti-bacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. It has a longstanding reputation for boosting the immune system during cold and flu season. But it’s also great for treating mouth sores, toothaches and fungal conditions like athlete's foot. Propolis speeds up the healing process, especially for wounds and acne.

Rich in flavonoids, essential oils, phenolіc compounds, vitamins, and minerals. The healing properties of Stingless Bee Propolis extend for the following uses:
  • Stabilizing the blood pressure and sugar level
  • Stimulating white blood cells
  • Treating respiratory diseases such as asthma
  • Healing inflammation such as ulcers
  • Healing cold sores, colds, flu, and herpes
  • Promoting healing of sores, wounds, acne, blemishes, eczema
  • Treating skin and tissue problems such as burns, and wounds
  • Treating allergies and reducing its symptoms
  • Improving the digestion system and appetite
  • Cancer prevention

Squeeze the applicator until dropper is half full, then drop the contents under the tongue. Let the solution settle with saliva before swallowing.
For children, mix the solution with honey to make it more palatable.
For external use, apply directly to the affected area as a topical solution. 

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Pure Propolis Extract from Stingless Bees - Milea All Organics - Philippines
Pure Propolis Extract from Stingless Bees Sale price₱290.00

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We always have this in our medicine kit. Works effectively for our colds.


5 star

Krupskaya Anonuevo

Great product for immunity!

Martin Causing

Pure Propolis Extract from Stingless Bees

Very good will buy again

Its my relief for allergies.