Milea - All Organics

Foot Care Set

Milea's range of products that will care for tired feet, making it feel pampered and look bright!


Salt and Turmeric Foot Soap 90 grams
For mild scrub and detoxification.

Coffee Foot Scrub 90 grams
For those thick skin that developed due to abuse.

Foot Spray 75ml
Is used after washing to keep feet dry all though out the day.

Foot Massage Cream 60 grams
Gives you that chance to chant "thank you feet for the great service you gave me today" while caressing your feet to calm its nerves and give it that soft, sultry after-feel.

Salt Turmeric Foot Soak 100 grams
Is used once or twice a week to give your feet that extra care and detox yourself through your feet.

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