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Gugo with Aloe Oil-Balancing Shampoo

Sale price₱195.00

Don't let greasy hair ruin your look. Give life to your locks with the Milea Gugo Oil Balancing Shampoo.

Ideal for oily scalp, all the wonders of gugo are in a bottle of Milea Gugo Oil Balancing Shampoo. This shampoo restores the balance to your scalp so you can enjoy clean and grease-free hair without the dryness. Gugo oil is also known to combat dandruff and skin eczema to keep your scalp healthy.

Mild formulation for everyday use.
Unlike other shampoos, the Milea Gugo Oil Balancing Shampoo is mild enough for everyday use. It will not cause dryness or rob your hair of its natural glow. This shampoo also does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Ingredients: Gugo Extract, Calamansi Distillate, Decyl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside, Noni Extract, Gluconolactone And Sodium Benzoate (Certified Organic Preservative), Grapefruit Oil 
Gugo with Aloe Oil-Balancing Shampoo
Gugo with Aloe Oil-Balancing Shampoo Sale price₱195.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Norman Tolorio

Hair is soft even without conditioner

Jodelle Ollet

I love your stingless bee honey. I drink it every morning in hot water. I lost 3kls and a few inches on my waist for the past 2 weeks.

Gugo Shampoo

I just bought it and will use up the bottle before I can give a proper review.

been using for 2 years already and loving it

I have been looking for a natural shampoo eversince satinka naturals changed their formulation. On the first bottle of my milea gugo shampoo, i fell in love. My hair wasn’t dry and you can see on the threads and the ends that it is healthy. I am loving it!

However, i deducted one star because of the hassle of paying as I live abroad. I had to scout for tiangges just to check if they sell my fave milea gugo shampoo. I am very lucky if i found one just like last year 2016 in glorietta where i hoarded 4 bottles. However come 2017, no milea store could be found. Another drawback was i had to come home just to enroll their bpi bank account to my bpi just so they can deliver the products at my PH doorstep. Unfortunately, my paypal isn’t PH credi card.

I hope milea can have pop up stores in filinvest or atc where southerners can buy their products immediately. Scouting them at tiangges can be pretty exhausting and online deliveries are not ideal as sometimes i only stay in PH for 3 days.


I love Milea shampoos especially the gugo shampoo and the horsetail aloe one. They are both mild, they both smell fantastic. They're also quite relaxing- scent-wise. They also clean effectively and strengthen hair without the harmful effect of chemicals. I have really fine fair so I tend to be picky with my hair products but Milea's shampoos pass all criteria. Will be using these for a long, long time.