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Stingless Bee Honey (Tetragonula / Lukot / Kiyot / Kiwot / Kelulut)

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Also known as Trigona / Tetragonula / Kiyot / Lukot / Kelulut Honey.


The Milea Bee Farm Stingless Bee Honey is collected by Stingless Bees or Tetragonula Biroi that are endemic to the Philippines.

Its moisture content is usually high, from 20% - 40% compared to mellifera (cultured Italian bees) honey with the moisture content of about 20%. During harvesting, pollen is unavoidably mixed with honey making it easy to ferment. This and the nectar source accounts for its characteristic sweet-sour taste and makes this unique and rare honey rich in nutrients.

Stingless bee honey is one secret ingredient in healing inflammation, goiter, prostate, malaria, ulcer, mumps, allergies, fast recovery from the flu and a whole lot more. Little studies have been made on the Stingless Bee honey because of the very little quantity these tiny bees can produce. Recently, Philippines Stingless Be Honey gained popularity because of studies made jointly by Tokyo University and UPLB on its effect on wound healing, hair loss and colon cancer. So far, the results are very promising, but further studies need to be made. 

Use against common cold, cough, flu in a mix of one tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of calamansi or lemon. It is also recommended to add a little onion if you are coughing. It works to cleanse the blood and improve blood circulation.

Use in salads, greens or fruits by adding it to a bowl full of e.g. banana, pineapple, apple, mangoes, and finally drizzle with stingless bee honey. It can also be added to fruit-flavoured yoghurt.

For general wellbeing, add a tablespoon of stingless bee honey to a cup of warm water then take it on empty stomach in the morning if you feel sluggish or before bedtime if you have difficulty sleeping.

Store preferably inside the ref or at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. 

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