Milea All Organics

Daily Hygiene Travel Set

All the products you need for your daily hygiene routine.

Have safer and less stressful travels with these essentials in your bag! The daily hygiene travel set includes all natural-based products made with carefully selected local ingredients. It includes:

Honey Propolis Shampoo 100ml
Mild enough to use everyday, helps with dry, itchy scalp .

Lemongrass Guava Feminine Wash 60ml
One of Milea's best-selling products because it works! its cool and mild.

Deodorant Spray 75ml
The best deodorant for busy and active people who sweat a lot.

Lemongrass Mouthwash 50ml
The best all-natural mouthwash you and your family can use. safe to be swallowed. does not contain alcohol or chemicals. used pure, no need to add water.

Noni Propolis Soap 80g
An all-around mild soap that works best for face, body, private parts and even on hair! 

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