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Jojoba Oil

Dab on a few drops of Jojoba and you’ll be amazed! With its long list of uses, Jojoba oil is something you should keep in your medicine chest.

Contains nutrients that are more easily absorbed by the skin. Suitable for all skin types. This natural oil is produced from the seed of the Jojoba plant, a shrubby tree that is native to southern Arizona and California.

Rich in nutrients like Vitamin E and B, as well as antioxidants and minerals that makes for an excellent hair repair treatment. Also great for revitalizing dry, cracked lips. Simply leave on overnight to leave your lips shiny and healthy the next day.

Jojoba oil naturally deters microbes, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria on skin. Use as a makeup remover around the eye area, especially for those with sensitive skin. Great to use as cuticle oil as well.

Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

Ingredients: 100% pure oil from Jojoba plants. No other ingredients added. 

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